Creating Customer Service Excellence
Creating a Branded Customer Experience

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Creating a Branded Customer Experience


Tom Knighton talks with Fast Company about why the customer experience will be where business is won or lost in the next five years

Turning customers into advocates

Never have consumers had so much choice: choice of supplier, choice of channel, choice of products and services. Their loyalty is determined increasingly by the quality of the experience they receive.

How much more profit could you make if you had customers who couldnt imagine doing business with anyone but you? How great would life be if 40% of your new business simply knocked on your door without you having spent a cent advertising for it?

The companies with the strongest differentiated experiences have turned their customers into advocates. Advocates who constantly refer their friends and colleagues to those businesses. Why? Because those companies have created a Branded Customer Experience that is consistent, intentional, differentiated, and valuable. They have managed the relationship to the point where customers cant imagine wanting to do business with anyone else. How can you gain this unbeatable competitive advantage?

Forum will partner with you to design and implement a differentiated customer experience to dramatically increase your customer and employee loyalty, creating advocates for your brand.

In the words of Jeff Bezos at, "Customer experience is bigger than customer service." In fact, Forum research found that 80% of customers who switched suppliers expressed satisfaction with their previous vendor. Gaining loyalty demands more. It requires no less than a complete focus on the people of your organization delivering your promise through every sales and service transaction every day. People make the difference to business results. Forum makes the difference to your people.

Tangible results

AMEX Canada Forum implemented a Branded Customer Experience initiative that determined what their corporate customers wanted, aligned senior managers around the need to respond, and created a learning system for 1,500 field employees. Forum helped rework AMEX Canada's business strategy around three distinct customer segments, and then developed three initiatives to implement the new value propositions to these three segments. Results include an estimated net $50 million in incremental top line revenue and improved customer retention.

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