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Setting Performance Objectives


Recent years have seen a dramatic change in the business landscape.

New technologies, organizational structures, and economic volatility have highlighted the fact that new ways of working are needed to meet today's, and tomorrow's, business challenges. This is especially true for leaders. Ultimately, having credible and capable leaders at all levels, with the tools and skills to implement your strategy, is your only source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Forum's approach to leadership development

Forum addresses the challenges faced by organizations striving to succeed in today's dynamic business environment.

Implementing a Strategic Change

Forum helps clients accelerate the achievement of business results by equipping leaders at every level with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to connect the work of their business unit with the company's vision and strategic objectives, engage the support of their people, and drive business success.

Creating a High-Performing Culture

Forum helps clients translate corporate values into leadership actions. Across geographies and diverse business units, or following a merger or acquisition, this common culture can spell the difference between high performance and lackluster results.

Talent Management: Developing and Retaining Leaders

Forum partners with clients to build and retain the talent that is key to competitive performance. We design comprehensive leadership development systems that link to strategy and provide research-based content and the implementation resources to ensure consistency, quality, and lasting change in leadership behavior.

Tangible results

Mellon Financial Forum implemented a leadership development strategy to support Mellon's customer focus initiative (CFI) and plan to become an employer of choice. The leadership development strategy included executive level coaching, a cascaded leader-led alignment process, action learning, and change management leadership training. As a result, 90% of Mellon's employees believe they are capable of implementing CFI, and the change initiative has exceeded industry benchmarks.

Merck Forum implemented a worldwide leadership development initiative focused on creating a common leadership culture across Merck's global network. Over 7,000 leaders have participated. 80% have implemented leadership action plans that link directly to Merck's business results and employee satisfaction.

Duke Energy A critical success factor in the post-merger strategy of Duke Energy was the aggressive development of leadership talent. Forum partnered with Duke Energy to create a comprehensive, on demand, point-of-need, flexible leadership development curriculum that provides leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive results and deliver on their strategic objectives.

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